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Example Work
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21332 Leitersburg Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21742
These are some of our machines at work ranging from cable installation and removal to crane work, hauling and pipe laying. 

International Boom Truck outfitted with a National 500C stick crane loaded down with retired transformers that had been removed.

Action shot of our crane removing a retired transformer on a Montgomery County employee training facility.

Mack Reel Truck with 2 reels of new cable to be installed from a splice into a substation.

Action shot of a cable install feeding at a switch gear pad at the new Laurel Towne Centre in Laurel, MD.

One of our reel trucks set up in the street in front of Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, preparing to install a new feeder for BGE.

Cable Scrapper pulling out old cable in New Jersey and shooting it into a dump truck.

Cable Scrapper is doing its work chopping up old feeders previously removed on Broening Hwy in Dundalk, MD.

Crane Truck reaching to grab a reel of cable at the yard.

Connecting new duct-work to a manhole in downtown Bethesda, MD.

Installing 69kV Transmission Cable for Pepco on Benning Rd in Washington D.C.

Set up on Wisconsin Ave in Bethesda in preparation to make heat shrink splices for PEPCO.

Benning Rd 69kV transmission line install process underway as the winch truck installs the winch line so the cable can be pulled.

Rigging is shown for pulling transmission cable through manhole systems.

Our large 15 ton capacity winch truck set up to pull in transmission cable on Benning Rd. This truck is equipped with load monitoring and is capable of providing print outs detailing tensions on all cable pulls.

Removing parts at a water treatment plant for Smithsburg so it is easier for them to perform maintenance on.

Setting pump down to get new electric line installed.

Digging to install new conduit for new electric line.
Installing conduit for new substation in Baltimore.
Conduit installed for a new substation is Baltimore is awaiting concrete and backfill.
Conduit installed and prepared for concrete.
Installing new conduit at Tipton substation in Laurel, MD. This substation feeds the NSA and Fort Meade.

Cable being prepared and paralleled for an install at a Howard County, MD water treatment facility.
Crew installing service for new housing developments in Baltimore for BGE.
House services being connected in the splice box.

Our crane truck is preparing to install a new padmounted transformer for a new condo development in Rockville, MD.

The crane moves the transformer into position.

Our crane is shown loading 2 large padmounted transformers. The heavy specs of our truck make it possible to haul and set more than one of these 10,000+lb transformers safely and legally.

Shown is a 4-way subsurface oil switch being lowered into a new manhole by our crane. We will install the switch and make all the necessary connections.

Drilling a small line for electric to the new fountain at the Fountain Head Country Club.

Drill pulling back conduit for the fountain at the Fountain Head Country Club.

Our concrete truck being used to create new bases for light posts at a park in Smithsburg, MD.

An example shot of one of our winch trucks. These trucks are unique in the business and give us a distinct advantage pulling cable through tight or crowded manholes.
Cable install job under bridge in D.C. before scaffolding is installed.
Scaffolding being installed under bridge in D.C. for us to install cable safely.
Installing cable under a bridge in the D.C. area.