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New Direction offers full cable splicing and terminating services ranging from low voltage secondary (110v) up to 35kV. We are fully capable of hauling and setting transformers, installing (or removing) cable, racking, splicing, and terminating as needed. All of our splicers have been certified by AVO Training Institute, BGE, & PEPCO.

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21332 Leitersburg Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21742

This is an example of a cut-in where we were required to make 2 pre-molded splices and one separable wye splice.

This is a completed Pepco 3-phase 750kVA padmounted transformer. Completed by New Direction, from setting the transformer to installing and terminating the primary and secondary cable.

This is the completed secondary side of a 3-phase padmounted transformer. All cable was installed and terminated by New Direction.

Shown here is a set of completed separable wye splices connecting a set of 13kV 500kcmil to a set of 13kV #2 URD cable. Above the completed splices, the beginning of making another set can be seen.

This photo shows a completed manhole built entirely by New Direction. This was part of a job in Bethesda, MD in which we were required to relocated 7 feeders in 4 different manholes from one side of the street to the other. All manholes were completed start-to-finish by New Direction.

Another photo showing a completed manhole for a feeder relocation in Bethesda, MD. All manholes on this job were racked & grounded, as well as all cable installed & spliced by New Direction.

Here is a close up photo of a set of completed 13kV 500kcmil to #2 URD separable wye splices.

These are a set of #2 URD test caps. Later on these will be de-energized and used to tie in future equipment.

This photo shows a completed half of a 4-way submersible oil switch for Pepco. Everything shown was completed by New Direction.

Shown again is a completed half of a Pepco 4-way submersible oil switch. Work completed includes setting the switch, racking, grounding, as well as installing the cable and making the 600 amp deadbreak elbows and 200 amp loadbreak elbows.

Another view of a Pepco 4-way oil switch vault. Shown here is a fuse compartment. Cable running from the switch will pass through this compartment to provide a fuse point. All work shown was completed by New Direction.

Shown are completed 13kV cold shrink terminations in an indoor Pepco substation. This substation is located within the National Institutes of Health facility in Bethesda, MD. These "potheads" were made to accommodate the installation of upgraded CTs within NIH.

Shown here is a prepped 3-conductor 500kcmil paper insulated lead cable and prepped 3-conductor 600kcmil EPR cable in preparation to make a trifurcating transition splice. New Direction is now trained and capable of making transition splices from oil filled cable to rubber insulated cable.

Another photo detailing the process of making a trifurcating transition splice. New Direction is now trained and capable of installing transition splices from paper lead cable to EPR (rubber) or poly insulated cable.

A trifurcating transition splice nearing completion.

A completed trifurcating transition splice as made by New Direction Utilities. We are now trained and capable of installing transition splices from paper insulated lead cable to rubber or poly insulated cables.

A completed set of premolded #2 URD splices in Rockville, MD. Also shown is a successful pull-through, eliminating the need for costly splices.

2 completed sets of premolded #2 URD splices, used in this situation to cut in a new cable pole while still providing power to an existing transformer. A large stretch of overhead line was then removed in favor of underground power.

Another cut-in situation is pictured. Existing cable in cut, and our new cable is spliced into it in both directions. This essential adds a new transformer(s) while still supplying power to existing equipment.

A completed 1000kVA 3-phase padmounted transformer is pictured. New Direction is fully capable of completing these transformers start to finish. This includes hauling and setting, installing the cable, grounding, terminating, etc.

The preparation of a #2 paper insulated lead cable to a #2 EPR rubber insulated cable joint is shown. This joint will be applied by hand with various types of electrical splicing tape. New Direction is fully trained and capable of making these types of transitional splices.

A hand taped #2 transition splice nearing completion. These are used to transition from an oil filled, paper insulated cable to a modern rubber or poly insulated cable where premolded kits are not readily available. This skill is becoming more rare as time passes.

The completed primary side of a 1500kVA 3-phase submersible transformer.

A top view of a completed 3-phase submersible transformer. All installation, grounding, and terminating completed by New Direction.

This shows the completed secondary side of a 3-phase submersible transformer.